Nesbitt Daycare is a Before and After School Enriched daycare.

The  B.A.S.E has a solid pedagogical component. It offers an entire range of activities provided to children outside regular scholastic hours.  On a daily basis, EMSB B.A.S.E. students are immersed in a wholesome and nurturing community composed of several components which include academic assistance, nutritional guidance, as well as audio/visual, journalism, sports and  green programs, as well as a myriad of other cultural and social activities. 

Costs are as follows:

Regular attendance: 8.20$ per day.

Sporadic attendance: 11.00$ per day.


Whether you want to know how to register your child at the day care, or simply want to know how things are going, you can always reach us at


Nesbitt Daycare is open from
7:00 AM to 7:52 AM
2:17 PM to 6:00 PM