October Agenda - September Minutes

As promised, here is the agenda for Tuesday's meeting. 

Last month's minutes are available at nesbitthomeandschool.ca or more directly here.

Please do remember that voting is limited to paying Home and School members. If you have yet to fill out the form and pay your 22$, you can do so at the meeting.


Agenda for Nesbitt Home & School Meeting - October 27, 2015

1.     Approval Agenda / Approval of Minutes (minutes from last meeting)

2.     Reports:

2.1.  Principal

2.2.  Home and School Membership Drive

2.3.  Governing Board Report

2.4.  Treasury report

3.     New Business

3.1.  Lamontagne Fundraiser options

3.2.  Book Fair planning

3.3.  School Beautification Committee

3.4.  Question Period / Comments

4.     End of Meeting

4.1.  Schedule next Meeting

4.2.  Adjournmen

October Meeting

Now that the air is crisp, and mitts and tuques are once again being fished out of the back of closets, it's also time for our October meeting!

The meeting will be held Tuesday the 27th of October at 6:30 PM in the Parents' room.

If you plan on attending, please consider bringing your 22$ Home and School membership fee with you.

The agenda for our next meeting will be forthcoming.

Also, we hope to have last month's minutes posted to the web site before the meeting.

We hope to see you there in great numbers.

The Nesbitt Home and School Association

September Meeting

It's nearly the end of September and we have our first official meeting of the year.

join us Tuesday September 29th at 6:30 PM in the Parents' room. You can find it south of the main office. If ever we have too many people for the Parents' room, we'll be in the teachers' room next door.

We hope to see many of your there!

Here's what's on the agenda:

1.         Opening Remarks – Welcome to all!

2.         Approval Agenda / Approval of Minutes (minutes from last meeting)

3.         Reports:

3.1.    Principal

3.2.    Welcome Back Day Feedback

3.3.    Home and School Membership

3.4.    General Assembly Report

3.5.    Treasury report 

3.6.    T-shirt Update

4.         New Business

4.1.    Election of a Treasurer for 2015-2016

4.2.    Graduation Committee

4.3.    Library Volunteer(s)

4.4.    Fundraisers

4.5.    School Beautification

4.6.    Question Period / Comments

5.         End of Meeting

5.1.    Schedule next Meeting

5.2.    Adjournmen

Welcome Back Nesbitt!

A fun way to start the year

To kick-off the 2015-2016 school year at Nesbitt elementary, the Home and School association teamed up with Nesbitt's own 6th graders to organize our Welcome Back Day festivities.

The students were treated to six different "zones" spread out among the school yard and field. Some kids preferred the bounce zone while some loved the race zone best. Many students enjoyed taking pictures at the fun zone, while some may have indulged at the sweet zone.

Regardless of which they liked more, the day was perfect for spending some time outside. The Home and School Association would like to thank the sixth grade teachers and their students. Without their planning, dedication, and participation, the day could not have been nearly as awesome!


Physical education t-shirts will be available for sale at the General Assembly on September 15th and during curriculum night on September 24th for 5,00$ each. If your child needs one sooner, they can purchase one via their Physical Education teacher.

First Meeting

Our first meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday September 29th at 6:30 PM. Email our Chairperson Alirio Ferreira at alirio@me.com if you plan on attending the meeting. We are looking for a new Treasurer!

Volunteering and Membership

As many of you know, the Home and School Association is made up of volunteers who take time out their busy schedules to benefit all Nesbitt students. If you wish to be among our many parent volunteers please make sure to visit our email list form to add yourself to the list. We need all the help we can get.

Home and School also needs parents who are willing to be official members of the Home and School Association. Membership entitles you to vote at meetings whenever we need to approve a motion, being part of one of our committees, and it allows your child(ren) to sign up for any extra-curricular activities we might organize at Nesbitt through our partners.

If you are interested in becoming an official member, please speak to one of our members. We'll be attending both the Nesbitt General Assembly on the 15th and Curriculum Night on the 24th. 

We hope to see many new faces at our meetings and events this year!


The Nesbitt Home and School Association

Spring Has Sprung

Dear Parents,

Although Jack Frost may be overstaying his welcome this year, Spring has sprung, and so has your Home and School Association!

2015 Read - A - Thon

We are excited to announce that Nesbitt's Home & School is bringing back the annual Read -A-Thon. The Read- A-Thon (held between March 23 and 27) is a fun way of bringing parents, teachers and students together.

All the information you'll need for the Read-A-Thon have already been sent home with your child(ren), but just in case you can also find all the information on our dedicated Read-A-Thon page.

We thank you in advance for supporting the Read-A-Thon. 


2015 Festival du Livre

April 1st and 2nd will see our French-language Book fair back in action!

We would like to remind you that a percentage of all book sales is converted to Scholastic Credit which the school can then use to purchase books and resources for all the children.

This year our Festival du Livre comes with an added bonus! If you buy two books, you get a third one FREE*

Make sure you take the time to pass by the Book Fair when you visit Nesbitt during April 2nd's Our Best to You celebration.

*Free book's value can not be greater than any purchased book.


Lunchtime Activities

EducAction is back offering Lunchtime Activities to Nesbitt children. A Home and School membership is required for your child(ren) to qualify.

Click here for the flyer.

New Year, New Initiatives

It's 2015, and the Nesbitt Home and School Association is back and already organizing activities and fundraisers to help better the lives of our children.

Lunch time activities are once again in full swing. Currently we have had enough registrations for Dance Blast and Bricks for Kids.

Your child has probably already brought home a package of catalogues from LaMontagne. They offer a wide variety of products we felt would appeal to many of our Nesbitt families. Remember that all orders bring money back to our school which benefits all our kids!

The Read-A-Thon will be back again this year. Look for a letter describing rules, donations, and prizes in the coming weeks.

Our Fall book fair was a tremendous success. With your help, we were able to raise over 2,700$ in books for the school.

We plan on holding our French-language book fair in the spring. Make sure to note the dates once they're announced.

Finally, we also partnered with ThinkRecycle this year to collect disused laptop computers and cell phones. This is an ongoing initiative without a deadline. If you have yet to dig out that old flip-phone or that classic Dell notebook from the basement or attic, you still can! Just make sure they get to the main office and we'll be able to send them to be recycled. 

Lunch time Activities

Dear parents,

After school activities have been replaced by lunch time activities.

Activities begin Thursday November 13th.

New deadline to register is November 5th.

All the information you need is available on the new registration form. You can find a copy here: After school activity form.

You will have to register online at the web address listed on the form.

Thank you!

The Nesbitt Home & School Association

Activities Deadline is October 28

Dear parents,

If you have not yet registered your child for after school activities, it is not too late!

Deadline to register is October 28.

All the information you need is available on the registration form, a copy of which is available here: After school activity form.

You will have to register online at the web address listed on the form.

Thank you!

The Nesbitt Home & School Association

After School Activities

Dear Nesbitt parents,

There are still spots available for the after school activities offered by Home and School in conjunction with Educ-Action.

Don't worry if you've misplaced the registration form, you can download a copy using the following link.

After school activity form.

Remember, these activities require you to have signed up to be part of Home and School and paid your membership fee. You can download the membership form at the following link.

Home and School membership form

Hope to see you at our next meeting, Wednesday November 12, 2014 @ 6:30 PM at Nesbitt School in the Teachers' Room.


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This is also where we'll be calling out for volunteers when we need help for events like our Book Fairs and Welcome Back week.

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