October Agenda - September Minutes

As promised, here is the agenda for Tuesday's meeting. 

Last month's minutes are available at nesbitthomeandschool.ca or more directly here.

Please do remember that voting is limited to paying Home and School members. If you have yet to fill out the form and pay your 22$, you can do so at the meeting.


Agenda for Nesbitt Home & School Meeting - October 27, 2015

1.     Approval Agenda / Approval of Minutes (minutes from last meeting)

2.     Reports:

2.1.  Principal

2.2.  Home and School Membership Drive

2.3.  Governing Board Report

2.4.  Treasury report

3.     New Business

3.1.  Lamontagne Fundraiser options

3.2.  Book Fair planning

3.3.  School Beautification Committee

3.4.  Question Period / Comments

4.     End of Meeting

4.1.  Schedule next Meeting

4.2.  Adjournmen