September Meeting

It's nearly the end of September and we have our first official meeting of the year.

join us Tuesday September 29th at 6:30 PM in the Parents' room. You can find it south of the main office. If ever we have too many people for the Parents' room, we'll be in the teachers' room next door.

We hope to see many of your there!

Here's what's on the agenda:

1.         Opening Remarks – Welcome to all!

2.         Approval Agenda / Approval of Minutes (minutes from last meeting)

3.         Reports:

3.1.    Principal

3.2.    Welcome Back Day Feedback

3.3.    Home and School Membership

3.4.    General Assembly Report

3.5.    Treasury report 

3.6.    T-shirt Update

4.         New Business

4.1.    Election of a Treasurer for 2015-2016

4.2.    Graduation Committee

4.3.    Library Volunteer(s)

4.4.    Fundraisers

4.5.    School Beautification

4.6.    Question Period / Comments

5.         End of Meeting

5.1.    Schedule next Meeting

5.2.    Adjournmen