October 2014

Hello parents/guardians,

Hope this newsletter finds you well. Here is a snapshot of grade 4 room 16 in October.

Thank you all for sending back the clear folder that the progress reports came in. It is much appreciated! These folders will be used all year long to send the report cards home.

We had a nice time at the Ecomuseum Zoo. We were happy that the weather held up for the majority of the day. We were able to see birds of prey, bears, river otters and caribou. We also visited the "From Light to Dark" exhibit, where they saw reptiles, amphibians, fish and nocturnal mammals. We also had an opportunity to touch a little garden snake and turtle.

The children did a good job on their Freckle Juice projects. They thought of some very creative recipes and inventions. They were able to present their commercials to the other grade four class in the school. Super job!

The children did a great job at memorizing their first poem of the year, way to go boys and girls!

The first “I Read To You, You Read To Me” was very nice. The next one will be sometime in December. I will let you know the exact date in my November newsletter. 

“We Scare Hunger” was a great success! I am so proud of my class. They worked together in teams to brainstorm and create great posters. They went around to classes to make other students in the school aware of this campaign. They were excited to help people in need and did a wonderful job!