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French Immersion
Day Care
Cafeteria (hot meals)
Breakfast Program
Computer Labs
Lunch & After school activities
Music Program
Physical Education Program
Homework program
Summer Program



Spiritual and Community Animator
Resource Teachers and Childcare Workers
Psycholgist, Speech, & Occupational Therapists
Social Worker
Dental Hygenist
Tutors (French & English)
Wellness Program

Breakfast Club

In partnership with Club Des Petits Déjeuners, Nesbitt School provides a wholesome, healthy breakfast to its students. 
his program is available each morning from 7:30 to 8:00 am. in the snack bar located in the basement. The cost for this program is $48/ school year or $12/ term.

Computer Lab

Nesbitt has two fully equipped computer labs, including a Smart Board, and internet access. In addition, each classroom has between 2 and 5 computers, and a mobile lab.


Nesbitt has a computerized library including 15, 000 books and volumes.

Lunch and After-School Activities*

Lunch Activities: PELO (Italian classes)
Craft Club
Sports & Recreation

After School Activities:
Mad Science
World of Reptiles

Music Program

Nesbitt School has a music room filled with numerous brass, percussion, and wind instruments. Students from Kindergarten to grade 6 develop their musical abilities and appreciation for the arts.

Physical Education Program

Our Physical Education program is varied and progressive. Through movement, physical activities, games and sports, students are helped to develop their potential physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. To further enhance the senior Physical Education program, Nesbitt School is a member of the Greater Montreal Athletic Association (G.M.A.A.).

For comfort, cleanliness and safety, all students are required to wear a gym uniform for Physical Education classes. The Nesbitt uniform includes a grey short-sleeved t-shirt, navy blue shorts or fleece jogging pants, and running shoes. Official physical Education T-Shirts are available for 5$ each from our Home and School association and our physical education department.

As an extension to the Physical Education Program, Nesbitt students have had the opportunity to participate in a kick-a-thon, circus, skipping club, wint

Homework Program

Students at Nesbitt have the opportunity to receive academic support and homework assistance in any subject area. This program is offered Monday to Thursday from 2:17 to 3:17 pm and from 3:17 to 4:17 pm

Summer Program

Nesbitt School is one of the few elementary schools in the EMSB which offers a summer enrichment program for students. This program runs from 2 to 3 weeks, targetting primarily cycle 1 and 2 students needing a jump-start into the next school year. Students who participate in this program develop literacy skills through project-based learning.


*Content and schedule of activities subject to change