Pre-Kindergarten at Nesbitt


Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is diverse and rich with the intention of fostering the development of positive social interactions, independent play, exploration and creativity. Pre-kindergarten focuses on learning though a hands-on approach whereby children are encouraged to explore their environment and make meaningful connection to the world around them.

The daily schedule is designed to give the students the opportunity to engage in independent or child-directed play/activities as well as in teacher-lead group activities that build on community spirit, cooperation, and social skills (sharing, listening, sharing thoughts with friends.) Typically, the day consists of the following basic components: circle time, teacher directed group activities (art, science, literacy, dance, singing, etc.), snack, outdoor play, music and/or physical education, lunch, relaxation and free/independent play.

Academically, the school program is designed to help children learn basic skills in math (counting, number recognition, patterns, classification skills, etc.), pre-reading (letter and sound recognition, journaling activities, etc.) and science (exploration, observation, nature collecting, hands-on experiments, cooking, etc.) These concepts are presented in all classes in developmentally-appropriate, fun and creative ways. Art, music and movement are important tools in teaching all of these concepts as they promote self-expression, the development of self-esteem and respect for others.

Curriculum Goals: The Quebec Preschool Education Program

The Ministry of Education Preschool program covers five competencies:

  1. Emotional Development (Build and strengthen self esteem)
  2. Social development (Establish and maintain harmonious relationships with others)
  3. Oral language and literacy development (Understand and express him/herself by exploring spoken and written language)
  4. Cognitive development and numeracy (Explore and discover the world around him/herself)
  5. Physical and motor development (Increase and strengthen sensory/motor abilities)

For more information please visit the Ministry of Education website at:

For more information please visit the Ministry of Education website at: