October 2014

Dear Parents,
We have had a wonderful start to the school year! Our classes buzz with activity and are filled your children’s smiles. Our school team is working diligently to provide a pleasant and supportive learning environment. As we enter the second month of school, let us continue to work together to ensure student success. 

Student Fees and Lunch Fees
I would like to thank all the parents who have already paid their school fees and have made a payment towards their lunch fees. We realize that this is a heavy burden in September. If you have forgotten to make a payment in the whirlwind of the beginning of the year, we would much appreciate it if you could do so now. If possible, please make every effort to send the exact amount when making payments, as change is not always readily available at the office. We appreciate your understanding.

 The Nesbitt School Governing Board has also approved that students who have not made any payments towards their school fees or lunch fees, will not be permitted to go on field trips requiring payment from students. Please note that this does not include field trips supported by the Supporting Montreal Schools Program that are free of charge for students. 
In addition, kindly note that if a student forgets his/her lunch (or money or lunch ticket), the office will not provide them with a ticket for the cafeteria.  Tickets are sold by booklet ONLY therefore tickets can’t be sold individually. If someone from home cannot bring a lunch for the child, he/she will receive a snack from our daycare.

Homework  Assistance Program 
The Homework Assistance Program will commence soon. Additional information will be forthcoming. 

Starting October 15th, Italian PELO will be offered at lunch to registered students from grades 1-6,  on Mondays and Wednesdays. We welcome all our students to the program and wish them every success!

Le Club des Petits Dejeuners will begin on October 6th.  Participating students will enjoy a small breakfast comprised of delicious croissants, muffins, cereal, fruit, dairy products and much more, while always respecting the guidelines and portions set by Canada’s Food Guide. Remember, we are always seeking volunteers! Your support is crucial! 

To celebrate the day, children will be permitted to come to school in their costumes if they wish. Kindly note that plastic swords, sticks or weapons of any kind ARE NOT PERMITTED even if they are part of a costume. They will be confiscated. In addition, full masks are also not permitted, as they can impede on children’s safety. We appreciate your cooperation in order to make this day a fun-filled and memorable one for the children.

Let’s Read !
Nesbitt’s Early Literacy Program is expanding this year!  Some English Language Arts classes will be involved in an on-line interactive Home Reading Program geared towards developing individual reading levels through www.Raz-Kids.com.  This site offers colorful, multi-level  interactive eBooks and corresponding quizzes that will improve students’ reading comprehension, decoding and fluency!

School Board elections will take place on Sunday November 2, 2014 at which time voters in the territory of the EMSB will elect commissioners in 10 wards and vote directly for the position of chairman. Attached to the newsletter, is a voter’s guide with all the pertinent information. Additional info is also available on the EMSB’s website.  An evening to meet the candidates will be planned in October in collaboration with our two neighbouring schools, Rosemont High School and Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary.  A separate invitation will be sent home with your child within the coming week. 

Have a wonderful fall and enjoy this season of harvest!  
Best Regards,
Elena Zervas