June 2015

Dear Parents,
As the end of this school year draws to an end, I am certain that you look forward, as we all do, to have those well-deserved, “timeless” sunny days of summer we enjoy with family and friends. Before we leave on holiday however, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your encouragement and support this year. It means a great deal to me.  To the parents on Governing Board and Home and School, I can’t thank you enough for your endless dedication and commitment to the Nesbitt community and your fundraising efforts. You have truly made a difference in our school and I count myself extremely fortunate to have worked collaboratively with you, so as to enhance our children’s learning experiences.  May you all have a happy, healthy and restful summer!

Friday June 12th will be the last day for our school cafeteria. Please ensure that you send your child with a lunch after this date, as no lunches will be provided at the office. We appreciate your cooperation.

June 22nd, 2015
Monday June 22nd is the official last day for Kindergarten and grade 6 students only. This is a regular school day for everyone. (7:42 a.m.-2:17 p.m. – Daycare OPEN until 6:00 p.m.)

June 23rd, 2015 – HALF DAY 
Please note that dismissal time on June 23rd, the official last day of school for grades 1-5 will be 11:17 a.m. School buses will be departing at 11:30 a.m. SHARP.  In addition, parents who pick up their children after school must do so at 11:17a.m as well. The DAY CARE WILL BE CLOSED at 11:17a.m. on the last day of school.

With the exception of the Kindergarten and 6th grade students who officially finish on June 22nd, students in grades 1-5 will only obtain their report cards on June 23rd. We are not permitted to hand out report cards prior to this date. I appreciate your understanding.

Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony
Our sixth grade graduation ceremony will be held on June 19th at 5:00 p.m. in the Rosemount High School auditorium. After the ceremony and distribution of certificates, a party will follow for the students only. Dinner, refreshments and graduation cake will be served. All parents are kindly requested to pick up their children after the party at 9:15 p.m. by the Bellechasse entrance (daycare entrance).

Please note that the 2015-2016 supply lists will be sent along with the report card on the last day of school, June 23rd, 2014.

The school will re-open its doors again to all students on August 31st, 2015 and that will be a FULL day for students in grades 1-6.  Kindergarten students will begin gradually with the three first days, August 31st, September 1st and 2nd being half-days. New kindergarten parents already received the information regarding this progressive entry.
Once again, on behalf of the entire Nesbitt Family, have a wonderful and safe summer!

Elena Zervas