February Newsletter

Dear parent(s)/guardian(s),

Please take a few moments to read about the exciting events planned for February.

Kindness Month

Everybody has the potential to change the world with a little touch of kindness. We kicked off February with a kindness assembly, sharing ideas of how easily a kindness moment can change your day. Students are encouraged to be RAKtivists (Random Acts of Kindness Activist) and act as the kindness superheroes of our school. 

Anyone who believes in kindness can change the world.  Encourage your child to be the change they want to see in our school. Remind them of how kindness can inspire hope and generosity.  Visit www.randomactsofkindness.org for more info & ideas.


Registration Week February 6-10

Registration week for new students is February 6-10.  Details regarding necessary documents can be found on our website: www.ecolenesbittschool.ca


Nesbitt Tea & BEST TO YOU Event

Our traditional Nesbitt Tea and Best to you celebration will be taking place February 9. 

Tickets for our tea event will be available at the main office from February 6-9.  Our Best to you Celebration will be held from 6:30-8:30 pm.  A notice will be distributed detailing the location of the various showcases.  Please note that students must be accompanied by an adult and will not be permitted to wander the school unsupervised or with friends. 

Performances and celebrations will be taking place throughout the building. Respectful behaviour of our students towards one another is of utmost importance.  This celebration is a culminations of weeks of preparation and hard work on everyone’s part.  Your collaboration is essential in ensuring an enjoyable evening for all.


Teacher appreciation Week February 13-17



The administration and our Home and School Association will be surprising the Nesbitt teachers and staff to a treat-filled week. Students can easily participate in this week’s acts of appreciation by simply writing a note to a special teacher or sharing a story of how a teacher has touched their life. The effects of a simply, “Thank-You” can last a lifetime.



February 22 is National Pink Shirt day.  It is a movement which encourages kindness, compassion and empathy throughout schools across Canada.  Students will be participating in creating a collaborative human peace sign on the field.  Students are encouraged to wear pink in support of this movement,  Follow us on Twitter fir pictures of the day and visit: www.pinkshirtday.ca for more info.


WE Day event

On February 24, a team of students from cycle 2 will be participating in the We Day celebration at St. Denise Theatre.  Throughout the past months, the students have worked collaboratively with a former student from Laurier McDonald H.S and our B.A.S.E program on the WE DAY project.  The goal of the project is to nurture compassion in young people while giving them the tools to create social change.


EMSB Volunteer Dinner

 The annual E.M.S.B volunteer dinner will be taking place Tuesday, April 4, 2017.  This event honors volunteers with more than 5 yrs of service.  In an effort to recognize all our volunteers whose time and generosity is so precious, I would invite you to simply email me your name, contact info (telephone number) and years of service to date.  My email address is: ascrocca@emsb.qc.ca.  Should you have more than 5 yrs of service, I will contact you directly with the event details.


Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Interviews

Our Term 2 parent-teacher interviews will be taking place on March 2, 2017.

Information regarding appointment times will be distributed in the upcoming weeks.


Field Trip and School Fees

Parents and guardians are kindly reminded that payment of school fees must be updated prior to the payment for field trips.  Should you require to make special arrangements regarding payment in installments, please contact the administration directly.


Inspiration Corner

 A message from Student Council & ECO Cartier

Our student council has been working in partnership with Eco Cartier on finding ways to reduce school waste.  Here are a few suggestions that can help inspire changes at home and school:

Limit the use the use of plastic utensils & styrofoam

Students are encouraged to come to school with reusable utensils and containers which can be washed and reused the next day.  Providing your children with such items will help reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste our school produces.

Milk and yogurt containers

Both milk and yogurt containers are recyclable unless they have no number or the no.6 indicated underneath.  Simply rinse and throw into your recycling bin.

Disposing of batteries

Should you wish to dispose of your old batteries, simply send your collection to school with your child.  We have a bin in the main office and are accepting old batteries in an effort to limit their presence in landfills.  This bin will be donated to the Zinc saves Lives campaign, helping to reduce the number of deaths in children from zinc deficiency.



Our Kindness campaign is part of a worldwide challenge for all people to make it A Better World in any way they can. Small actions make a big difference! Students enjoyed watching these kindness videos during our school assembly.  Watch them again, as a family, to start the conversation about kindness. (search:ColorWithKindness.com, Soulpancake, Kidpresident:Change the world).

Be part of the movement!


 Family Corner

Rental of musical instruments

Several libraries on the island of Montreal loan musical instructs to parents and children.  Visit bibliomontreal.com/musique for more info.


Literacy Foundation: Words of hope

Our Rosemount library, in partnership with the Literacy Foundation, is part of a book donation program whereby families can donate newly purchased books to the library.  These books are sealed and provided to children as part of The Gift of Reading Program.  You may also write a special message to the recipient and choose to provide a self-addressed postcard so the receiving child may respond to you & your family. This wonderful program is available from February to April.  Distribution of new books will take place in May.


IMPORTANT dates to remember:

February 9:
Nesbitt Tea 4:00-6:00
Best to You 6:30-8:30

February 14:
$1.00 (wear red or pink)

February 21: 
Cycle 2 Tubing

February 22:
Pink T-Shirt Day

February 23&24:
Cycle 3 Classe Neige

February 24:
WE Day 

February 28:
PreK-Gr.2 Winter Fun Day

March 1:
Distribution of Report cards

March 2:
Parent Teacher Interviews

March 3:
Pedagogical Day

March 6-10:
Spring Break

Wishing you a wonderful month filled with kindness moments,

Mrs. A. Scrocca