March Newsletter

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

Teachers and staff enjoyed a wonderful Appreciation Week thanks to our Home and School volunteers and the administration. During the course of the week, coffee, tea, snacks, a luncheon and special treats were enjoyed by all.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the teachers and staff of Nesbitt School. Our students are truly fortunate to have such dedicated individuals caring for them. 


Black History Month

Throughout the month of February, our students participated in various discussions, readings and other activities which highlighted influential people both past & present. Themes were “I have a dream” and “The great debaters”.   


March in Nutrition

March is Nutrition Month all across Canada and in celebrating this, Cafeteria and Nutrition Services at the EMSB has prepared an array of nutrition activities for students in both elementary & high school. This board wide campaign aims to promote healthy eating habits. Our EMSB nutritionists will be visiting Nesbitt throughout the month of March and April, leading activities and challenging students’ ideas and misconceptions about healthy choices.


Jump Rope for Heart

On March 17, we will be holding a Jump Rope for Heart celebration, challenging students to show off their jump rope talent and tricks.  Donations envelop may be submitted to the homeroom teachers by Friday, March 17.  Thank-you to all students and parents for their contributions.


Storytelling Festival 

During the months of February and March our Cycle III students have been involved in a storytelling project. With the help and support of their homeroom teachers, students have been telling their stories to their classmates and practicing for our in-school competition. On March 31st, two students from each class will be selected to present their English or French story to Grade 4, 5 & 6 students. Two finalists will be chosen on March 31st to represent our school at the Regional Storytelling Festival April 5th, being hosted at our school.


EMSB honors its Volunteers

The annual EMSB volunteer dinner will be taking place Tuesday, April 4, 2017.  This event honors volunteers with more than 5 yrs. of service.  In an effort to recognize all our volunteers whose time and generosity is so precious, I would invite you to simply email me your name, contact info (telephone number) and years of service to date.  My email address is:  Should you have more than 5 yrs. of service, I will contact you directly with the event details.


Field Trips       

Parents are reminded to consult our monthly calendar for field trip information and dates.  Please ensure that your school fees have been paid prior to paying for any field trip.  Should you require special arrangement re: school fees, please feel free to contact the administration.

Please note, our school dress code applies to field trips, unless otherwise advised by the administration and teachers.


School Yard and Snow Pants/Boots 

Students are reminded to wear their snow pants and boots to school and during recess time.  Our March & April weather can be quite unpredictable and in order to encourage our students to be active during their time outside, they must dress appropriately. Parents and students will be informed when snow pants and/or boots will no longer be required.


Cook for a cure

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the participants involved in our COOK OFF on Friday, February 17, 2017. All of the students did a wonderful job at the taste test and presented their dishes with much enthusiasm. The following students will be representing our school at the Cook for the Cure Gala in May:

Entrée: Ximena Ortega, Kiokiane Betsos
Main: Nicolas Ferreira, Sulakshiya Rajah
Dessert: Rachel Vieira, Kiokiane Betsos

Please note that all of the student who submitted recipes/stories will be published in a cookbook which will be available at an official book launch on April 25 (at the Leonardo da Vinci Center).  The final Gala event with take place on May 9, 2017 at Buffet Antique.  With the purchase of a $30 ticket, you may attend both events. An information letter will be distributed later this week detailing the 2 final events.


School yard equipment and donations

As spring slowly approaches, so does spring cleaning.  Should you have gently used tricycles, bicycles and/or other vehicles which would be appropriate for our PreK and Kindergarten, please feel free to donate to our school.  Our students would greatly appreciate any donations which encourage active outdoor play.


Graduation Pictures

Graduation pictures for the Grade 6 students will be taking place April 6, 2017.  Our photographer will also be taking photos of the Pre-K and Kindergarten students for their own moving on ceremony.  If you are available to volunteer for photo day, simply email me.


Inspiration Corner

Flash mob  

To commemorate Montreal’s 375th birthday, choreographer Genevieve Lauzon invites Montrealers of all ages to participate in a flash mob.  Information on practice dates and locations is available at  Practice starts as early as March 12!  The final dance event will be taking place June 4 between 9:00-5:00 at the TOHU.


Family Corner

 Sugar Shack guide 2017 

Our winters can be long and harsh. A great way to celebrate its end is with a delicious tasting of maple syrup in a warm winter cabin. If you are looking for some maple syrup goodness, simply visit for a list of sugar shacks in and around Montreal.  Don’t miss Les Promenade Wellington’s Panache et bois rond.  For the 4th year in a row, Wellington Street transforms into an urban sugar shack with fifteen favourite restaurants and food trucks participating in the festivities. Tripes & Caviar, Blackstrap BBQ, Turkish restaurant Su, Lefebvre et filles, Lucky’s truck and a few others will each be contributing one or two dishes. This event will take place March 29-30, 11am-5pm.  Bon appetite!


2017 Parent Conference April 23rd, 2017

 The Montreal Centre for Learning disabilities will be hosting its annual parent conference on April 23, 2017 at Ruby Foo’s Hotel.  This year’s conference will focus on providing parents and professionals innovative strategies and tools when working with students with ADHD, LD and Mild ASD.  If interested, register at: www.tinyurl/


Important Dates to Remember

March 17:
Jump Rope for Heart Celebration
*Bring in your donation envelopes

March 17:
St. Patrick’s Dress Down Day
(wear green for $1.00 donation)

March 20:
Regional Ped. Day
No school, daycare available

April 3:
Pedagogical day
No school, daycare available

 April 4:
Volunteer Recognition Dinner

 April 5:
Regional Storytelling Event

April 6:
Graduation Pictures Grade 6,
Kindergarten & Pre-K
*volunteers needed

Wishing you a wonderful month,
Mrs A. Scrocca