May Newsletter

Spring Cleaning        

On May 5, students from all levels will participate in a schoolyard clean up activity.  Our Eco-club volunteer, Christine Gravel, in partnership with Eco-Cartier, has been working diligently to lead Nesbitt to a greener, cleaner future.  Eco-Cartier has donated T-shirts, gloves and garbage bags to help with our schoolyard clean-up.  Parents are welcome to join us from 8:30-10:00 am for this schoolwide endeavor (weather permitting).

Our litterless lunches continue to be a big hit!  Students are encouraged to help reduce garbage by simply using reusable containers and/or water bottles.  All newly installed water fountains have filters making refilling bottles an easy task to realize. 

Our “Zinc Saves Lives” campaign will continue until the end of May.  Simple bring in used batteries from home and drop them off in the basket available at the main office.


Bartimaeus Project and Recess Success Leaders

For the past 8 weeks, students from PreK-grade 2 have participated in various activities with Ms. Heidi which encouraged students’ to interact more positively and cooperatively with one another.  These behaviours will be encouraged both in and out of class.  Ms. Heidi provided parents with weekly information on the skills being targeted.  Please take the opportunity to draw your child’s attention to those behaviours and recognize the positive behaviors at home. 

Also, some of our grade 5 students were trained earlier this year as recess leaders for the younger cycles.  Their goal is to lead prosocial games/activities during recess and lunch which encourage fair play, communication, cooperation and teamwork.  With warmer weather slowly making its way back, our recess leaders will be able to once again incorporate these games during morning and lunch recess.  

Congratulations to all our students for their hard work and commitment throughout these projects. 


National Denim Day

May 16 is National Denim Day, an event inaugurated by the Cure Foundation.  Thousands of businesses, organizations and institutions across Canada encourage their employees, members and/or students to wear denim. In exchange for a donation, students will receive the CURE’s ‘pink flower’ ribbon.  Help us participate in this national event by having your child dress down in denim and donate $1.00 for the Cure foundation.


Literacy foundation

 It is with great pleasure that I inform you of the wonderful book donations we have received from the literacy foundation.  To date, 8 classes (approximately 140 students) will be receiving books which have been donated by generous Canadians.  Should your child receive a book, please check the attached postcard.  There you will find the name and address of the book donor.  I would encourage you to write a simple “Thank-you” note, thus encouraging the project to continue fostering a national love for reading.


Jump Rope for Heart  

 A huge thank-you to students and parents who assisted with our initiative to support the Heart and Stroke foundation.  We surpassed our goal by $500, thus collecting $1500 this year…a wonderful accomplishment by all.  Both teachers and students had a wonderful time participating in various jump rope challenges.  Thank-you to Mr. Souren and Mr. Anthony for their commitment to this project.  Prizes will be distributed during this month’s assembly to both students and classes that raised the most money. 

A very special thank-you to Leila Essadni for raising over $500 for the cause.  She will be receiving the grand prize of an action camera.  CONGRATULATION!


Sidewalk construction on Bellechasse

Please note that the city of Montreal will be working on and around Bellechasse and 8th avenue.  As per the information that I have received, access to 8th avenue will not be interrupted during this time.



Family Corner

May 28 is Free Museum Day

 With more than 100 art exhibits and 36 museums participating in free museum day, there is bound to be something for everyone. Free concerts, workshops and creative art activities will be available throughout the city.  My advice: arrive early and pack snacks…wait times tend to be long but well worth the effort.


11th annual Fire Fighters Festival

From June 2-4, Centropolis (Laval) will host the annual fire fighter festival.  With family friendly activities, information booths and 5-42 KM race planned, there will be activities for all ages to enjoy. Admission is free but there is a cost to register for the race.  All proceeds from the weekend event will be donated to Fondation des pompiers de Québec. For more info, simply visit


Inspiration Corner

Fées Marraines        

Linda Blouin, a teacher at a local French high school, is a true fairy godmother.  For the past several years she has been collecting dresses from the community in an effort to allow Secondary 5 students to attend their prom.  Without such donations, many students would not have the opportunity to dress to impress for such a milestone celebration.

Should you wish to become a fairy godmother yourself, simply donate a dress(es), shoes, purses, etc… to RENAISSANCE (5500 Henri-Bourassa Boulevard East).  Please specify that the donations are for Les Fées Marraines and help make a girl’s dream come true.  A team of volunteers help dress the students, make the necessary alterations and provide hair/make-up to truly make prom a night to remember.


Important Dates to Remember

Please refer to our school website for the exam schedule (Grade 2, 4, 6).  Should your child have an upcoming appointment (doctor, dentist, etc…), please consider the examination period and plan accordingly.

May 19:
Pedagogical day
No school, daycare is opened

May 22:
National Patriots day
No school, no daycare

June 9:
Pedagogical day *Changed from June 12 to June 9
No school, daycare is opened
New Pre K & Kindergarten Orientation Day

June 15:
Pre K & Kindergarten Graduation

June 21:
Grade 6 Graduation
Last day of school for Pre K, K & Grade 6

June 22:
Last day of school for Grades 1-5

As we celebrate mother’s day this month, here is a little poem for your enjoyment!

Wishing you a wonderful month,
Mrs. A. Scrocca