March Newsletter

Dear parent(s)/guardian(s),

Please see information below:


As mentioned last month, please note that the following 2 pedagogical days will be REGULAR school days for students and staff:

•      April 16, 2018

•      May 11, 2018


Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

Teachers and staff enjoyed a wonderful Appreciation Week thanks to our Home and School Association and the administration. During the course of the week, coffee, tea, snacks, special treats and a luncheon were enjoyed by all.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the teachers and staff of Nesbitt School. Our students are truly fortunate to have such dedicated individuals caring for them. 


Storytelling Festival 

During the months of January & February our Cycle III students have been involved in a storytelling project. With the help and support of their teachers, students practiced the art of storytelling and performed during our in-school competition. On March 14, the winning students and/or team will be presenting their stories during the EMSB Regional Festival at Pierre Elliot Trudeau school. Congratulations to our French team, Thomas Bridgman & Jameel Hassan & English performer Mia Del Pio Luogo. Congratulations to all our runner-ups: Tiago arruda & Julian Argento, Katherine Sideris & Andreea Reyes, Ann Sophie Therrien & Emilia Schiro.


Black History Month Celebrations

Throughout the month of February, our spiritual community animator in partnership with our teachers, prepared various activities for students.  Students created their own “I have a dream…” posters as well as participating in a QR code trivia game on famous leaders throughout history. 


Scholastic French Bookfair

On March 15 & 16, students will have the opportunity to visit the book fair with their teacher.  This book fair will kick-off our annual read-a-thon (March 19-22).  Our Home and School Association will be distributing an information letter explaining the Read-A-Thon procedure and listing the prizes to be won.


Field Trips 

Parents are reminded to consult our monthly calendar for field trip information and confirmed dates.  Please ensure that your school fees have been paid prior to paying for any field trip. 


Outdoor Wear

Students are reminded to dress appropriately for the weather.  ‘Tis the season for drastic changes in weather conditions and so we advise that students come to school prepared for our unpredictable March weather.


Daycare Registration

Please note that in order to use the daycare service on pedagogical days, parents must complete the registration forms. Please respect the deadline dates and instructions to submit the forms to our educators directly prior to the date indicated.


Important Dates to Remember

March 15 & 16: SCHOLASTIC FRENCH Book Fair

March 16: St. Patrick’s Dress Down Day

March 19-22: Read-A-Thon Week

March 23: Pedagogical Day No school, Daycare open

March 30: Good Friday No school, No daycare

April 2: Easter Monday  No school, No daycare

Wishing you a wonderful month
Mrs. A. Scrocca